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All varieties available
Baltussen cultivates robust leek plants in Asten, where the crop yields are systematically high. Customers can choose from a wide and complete range that includes all leek varieties.

Cultivation methods
Baltussen uses three different cultivation methods in the Netherlands: greenhouses, tunnels and open-ground beds. The typical growth cycle for a leek plant is 10 to 12 weeks. Once harvested, the plants are sorted by hand. This ensures consistent quality.

Greenhouse plants · Cultivated in heated greenhouses
· Harvested by hand
· Available from week 14 to week 20

Tunnel plants
· Sown in early March
· Cultivated under tunnels (for the first 7 weeks, after which they are grown in open field)
· Harvested by machine
· Available from week 20 to week 23

Open-ground plants
· Sown from 20 March
· Cultivated with or without acrylic covers
· Harvested by machine
· Available from week 24 to week 35