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Perfect climate
Baltussen is the only Dutch grower with its own nursery in Morocco (Agadir). The climatic conditions here guarantee high-quality and vigorous open-ground plants. The typical growth cycle for a leek plant is 12 weeks. Thanks to the perfect climate in Agadir, Baltussen can deliver leek plants that are 10 to 12 weeks old. Crop sowing starts in November and harvesting begins in late January. Baltussen can deliver leek plants from Morocco from week 4 to week 20.

Hand harvesting
Fifteen full-time employees take care of the day-to-day work at the Moroccan nursery. During the cultivation and harvesting season, they are assisted by 150 temporary employees. This number of workers is essential since absolutely all harvesting is done by hand. Baltussen does not use any herbicides at its Moroccan nursery. All weeding is done by hand. As a result, the leek plants can grow undisturbed all season long.

From Morocco to the Netherlands
After the harvest, the leek plants are cooled directly. This is done in a cold room located on the nursery premises. The plants are then transported to the Netherlands in refrigerated vehicles.